By contributing or donating genealogy materials to our library, we can digitalize the records and permanently preserve them. You will also be making an important contribution to theresearch of traditional Korean culture. We appreciate any and all support.
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Genealogy is historical record of a family that systemically lists the members of one¡¯s family, starting with the forefather or progenitor, and it serves to promote the unity and continuity of a family or bloodline.


There are many purposes of genealogy. By clearly tracing his or her bloodline, becoming aware of the clan he or she belongs to, and remembering the great deeds of his or her ancestors, one can find new volition, perform ancestor rites, and adapt to the order of that particular family.

By becoming familiar with family history, one can clear up fabrications and falsities and teach their descendants the right path. He or she may realize the importance of keeping accurate historical records and not adding upon them. By doing so, one may prevent arbitrary speculation and fabrications from forming and contribute to the maintaining of historical facts.

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